Missional Leadership

Our Missioner, Mark Dunwoody , and our Bishop,Mary Irwin-Gibson, have an exciting message for you...

We have a problem – Let’s co-create a myriad of solutions! 

The old ways of ‘Church’ in western society have long gone. Here's the bad news, each year the challenges for Denominational Churches in the western world are seemingly impassable. Yet the good news is that evidence points to a reality that Canadians may be vacating the pews but they are keeping the faith. 

“Beneath Canadians’ widespread abandonment of places of worship and their negative view of even the word “religion,” a new poll has found a solid core of faith that continues to shape the country" 
(Graeme Hamilton, National Post, Thursday, Apr. 13, 2017.)

This crisis didn’t happen overnight. Congregations are being consolidated, some churches have closed, worshippers are aging, and different branches of Christianity are closely collaborating in ways unimaginable to 20th Century Christians.
It’s fair to say that many institutional churches cannot sustain the current rate of decline.

As with any crisis there is an opportunity for an institution to rediscover its purpose, identity, and practices which inform how it could be a movement.
It is with profound sense of hope and optimism that a unique gathering will take place in Montreal, May 2017. 

This structured dialogue process brings together thinkers, practitioners and educators (from across North America) to develop ‘pilot’ themes/ modes of training covering areas such as: non-accredited missional leadership training, replanting historic city center churches and ordination tracks for church planters. 

These new modes will evolve from imaginative problem solving practices that acknowledge we have a problem with how leaders are equipped to lead churches in this new digital age. 

Our gathering will draw upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be—and to create desired learning pathways that benefit Christians who have a passion to plant all types of churches for all types of peoples across Canada.

If you are in Montreal on May 24th we would love to hear your voice, so join us at 8am to be part of this exciting conversation hosted by the Anglican Diocese of Montreal & Presbyterian College, Montreal & Leadership Centre 

For more details drop us a text at 514 238 6477.

Rsvp by May 6th to rdevries@pcmtl.ca