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Patrick Wedd's Funeral Arrangements / Funérailles de Patrick Wedd

Patrick Wedd's Funeral Arrangements

The funeral service for Patrick Wedd will take place on Friday 31 May at 2 pm at Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal.  The service will be followed by a reception in Fulford Hall.

Patrick’s coffin will be received into the Cathedral on Thursday 30 May at 5 pm, after which there will be a time of visitation until 7 pm.

To donate to the Christ Church Cathedral Patrick Wedd Music Fund for Music in lieu of flowers, please click here. 

Please note: Alain Trudel, director of the Laval Symphony Orchestra, will be the guest conductor for the Stravinsky Mass, with a professional orchestra and a choir made up of the Cathedral Singers and invited guests.


Funérailles de Patrick Wedd


Les funérailles de Patrick Wedd auront lieu le vendredi 31 mai à 14 h à la cathédrale Christ Church, Montréal.  Le service sera suivi d'une réception à Fulford Hall.

Le cercueil de Patrick sera reçu à la Cathédrale le jeudi 30 mai à 17h, après quoi il y aura un temps de visite jusqu'à 19h.

Pour contribuer au Fond Musical Patrick Wedd de la Cathédrale Christ Church en lieu et place de fleurs, cliquez ici

À noter : Alain Trudel, chef d'orchestre de l'Orchestre symphonique de Laval, dirigera la Messe de Stravinsky avec un orchestre professionnel et un chœur composé des chanteurs de la cathédrale et d'autres chanteurs invités.

Are you interested in being a part of the Crosstalk Ministries Day Camp Travelling Team this Summer?

Are you interested in applying for Crosstalk Ministries Day Camp Travelling Teams this summer? 


        This life-changing experience is open to followers of Jesus, age 15 years or older and requires a 6 week volunteer commitment. Successful applicants will join Teams on short–term missions that take our Day Camp Program to children in communities coast to coast across Canada.

                                             We have extended our application deadline to June 1st

You can find the Application Forms and lots more information about Travelling Team by visiting the Team Members tab on the Day Camp blog-

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