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When we invite friends for a meal, we do much more than offer them food for their bodies. We offer friendship, fellowship, good conversation, intimacy, and closeness. When we say: “Help yourself ... take some more ... don’t be shy ... have another glass,” we offer our guests not only our food and our drink but also ourselves. A spiritual bond grows, and we become food and drink for one another other. In the most complete and perfect way, this happens when Jesus gives himself to us in the Eucharist as food and drink. By offering us his Body and Blood, Jesus offers us the most intimate communion possible. It is a divine communion.”
— Henri Nouwen

Supper Club as a Missional Community for You: We encourage you to consider starting your own Supper Club and we will show you how.

Supper Club started in 2016 as a pilot project where friends were invited to come together to worship, learn, grow, share, pray and develop their faith in community. We have made a number of tweaks along the way and are responsive to group dynamics and feedback. 

One of the interesting things about Supper Club is that it is as appropriate for existing Christians who have been immersed in their tradition for years as it is for those who may be on the periphery of a faith tradition, perhaps taking stock, asking questions about meaning and wondering about life’s purpose.


Bring your own instruments!

Make your own band!

We gather monthly and use biblical themes to shape our conversations. Our sessions are engaging, inclusive, family friendly and participatory. If you have never opened a hymnal or prayer book then you don’t have to worry cause there are none and and if you have only ever held a hymn or prayer book you would still feel welcome because sometimes we may use components of liturgy that are familiar. 

The participation of our members shapes the learning, worship, and outcome of our evenings. In this way, the liturgy is self directed, putting the users at the core of the experience. 

We bless, teach, affirm and engage one another. There is no hierarchy. We use a flat leadership structure and are forming a community of faithful followers whose teachings are inspired by scripture. 

Would you like to implement Supper Club in your church? Parish Hall? Home or Community Space?

We have made all the details available to you… READ ON!

What is Supper Club?

Supper Club is an intentional gathering to encourage and support discipleship in community.  

Who is it for?

  • leaders (clergy and lay)

  • seekers (questions about faith + meaning, community building)

  • families (intergenerational, all ages)


Supper Club: Food for Heart and Soul

How do we do it? (download Template HERE)

  • Hospitality

  • Prayer

  • Scripture

  • Collaboration


We have been hosting Supper Club gatherings since 2016 in downtown Montreal and  have experimented with various approaches and styles. We started Supper Club with the intention of gathering leaders of children and youth ministry to network and support one another but our direction shifted as we became interested in expanding the community to include those who may have questions about their faith and wish to try something new as well as those who are already immersed but wish to be fed in body mind and spirit. As a result, our community is thriving, supportive and welcoming and is one of the exciting Fresh Expressions of church that are growing around the world 

Things to Consider

  • Find a few friendly helpers: a worship leader and some hospitality support to get you started

  • Choose a location: home, church, community space etc...

  • Invite People! friends, neighbours, colleagues, classmates...

  • Be creative! Think outside the box! Have Fun! The music, prayers, art and reflective practices you use for your gatherings can be as unique as you are! The biblical themes provide the structure and you can plug in the details.

  • Use social media to spread the word! Share pics and get people excited to participate

  • Being a family friendly community means being intentional about providing for their needs such as offering kid friendly activities and encouraging the energy and vitality of young people.

  • Have snacks and drinks readily available throughout the evening

  • Be prepared with an event outline clearly indicating when and how worship, activity, meal and prayer will happen

  • Respect the schedule. Honour start and finish times. Everyone is busy and time is precious!

  • After Supper Club be sure to follow up and thank your guests and encourage repeat participation. Get feedback. Invite them to share their gifts at a future gathering (leading worship, offering hospitality, sharing creative talents, giving a workshop etc...)