GOOD NEWS UPDATE-February 2019

As engaged Anglicans, we know that it is always all about the GOOD NEWS-after all the Good News of the Gospel is the starting point for all things "mission". 😇
We too have some good news to share! As of February 2019, the committee will now be open to receiving grants on the first of every month except for July and August. We are also no longer requiring that budgets outside of the one associated with your applications be included. These changes are reflected in our updated grant application

Please keep in mind that our focus on the 2020 Vision Plan and the Five Marks of Mission remain absolutely central to our decision-making process.

In certain cases, we will also consider supporting a proportion of expenditures related to salaries and other needs. 
We also wish to celebrate with you all that the Mission Mapping exercise has revealed an impressive number of creative and vital ongoing initiatives happening across the Diocese. So stay tuned for more good news!

If you would like to be a part of the important work of the Mission Standing Committee, contact us!
For more information and to apply : CLICK HERE

Yours in Christ,

Penny Rankin-Chair  penelope.m.rankin@gmail.com

Nicki Hronjak programme.office@montreal.anglican.ca

Angela Andrews aandrews@videotron.ca

Terry Hidichuk thidichuk@montreal.anglican.ca

George Greene stmichaelsmission@gmail.com

Frank Dottin fedottin@yahoo.ca