Companions walk together, side by side. They share their experiences and their visions. They support each other in their mission and rejoice in all that God has created. By the end of their five-year journey, they are enriched and transformed by the mutual appreciation of their gifts. Now each has more to give, and may continue to receive from new companions in an ongoing journey of faith.

A message from the Chair of the Partnerships Committee (Beth Reed)

The Partnerships Committee attends to the relationships between the Diocese of Montreal and the rest of the Anglican Communion. In particular we participate in the Anglican Church of Canada’s Companion Diocese program, which encourages intentional commitments of mutual prayer, support, and learning between dioceses in different parts of the world.


The Anglican Diocese of Montreal currently has two companion dioceses, one within the Anglican Church of Canada — the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior — and one from the greater Anglican Communion — the Diocese of Masasi in the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

The Diocese of Montreal has been in relationship with the Territory of the People (and its predecessor, the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior) since 2008. Here’s a link to the Territory of the People website: Please check back soon for more!

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We are curating a series of posts that include videos, photos and insights from the Summer 2018 Mission Trip to Tanzania. Starting in September!