We have made a few changes to the Clergy Toolbox. If you are seeking any information that is not here feel free to contact Nicki Hronjak. This section is organized alphabetically. Scroll down for the full clergy toolbox listing.

Anglican Contacts List HERE

Commentaries on the Revised Common Lectionary

Clergy Continuing Education Program

French Resources / Ressources liturgiques


Marriage Prep

Helping a couple prepare for marriage? Here are some resources that may help you:

  • Redeem the Commute
    Commuting can really test a marriage. This course is for couples, young or old, experienced or newlyweds, in trouble or just looking to learn.

  • Enrich Canada
    A web-based non-denominational course to be administered by a facilitator. $75 per use (per couple).

  • Marriageprep.com
    Online courses and also courses in situ with groups of couples in the greater Toronto area. The Diocese of Ottawa also runs courses.

  • Relationship Central

On Pins and Needles

(Caring for and Making Eucharistic Linens by Muriel Eaton)

Ordination Process

Ordination into Holy Orders in Christ’s Holy Catholic Church, and specifically in the Anglican Church of Canada, is a privilege not a right. Every Christian is called by God through baptism to minister by the effective use of his or her spiritual gifts in life’s context. The ordained ministry is only one of many ways in which God calls the baptized to serve Christ.  To learn more about the ordained ministry, we invite you to see the brochure "The Ordained Ministry — Is It For You? ".  For more details about the Discernment Process:

Prayer Cycles

Post-Ordination Training

Safe Church Policies and Guidelines