Vestry Papers: Parochial Information, statistics, and Financial Reports

We’re now in our second year of using ParishOS to submit your annual vestry return and financial information.

A reminder that you are asked to fill out your annual returns on-line via the web (see the instruction for completing your 2019 Vestry Returns here). Each parish has access to their own data and the forms will be available to complete on-line until March 19th. Whatever you do, please ALWAYS remember to SAVE your data before exiting a form or the program.

Jennifer James-Phillips (ext 249) and Sophie Bertrand (ext 232) are available to help you if you have any questions. You may also assign someone from your parish to log in and fill in the data for you, but please ensure that all data is completed by March 19th. You can fill in the data as it is available to you, SAVE, and then come back and add additional information or make corrections (until the closing date when your forms will no longer be accessible).

A unique username and password was sent to you last year and is still valid. If you have forgotten or you are new and need one, please contact Jennifer James-Phillips in accounting to receive that information.

Please use that information to log on and begin inputting your data ( You will find three forms to fill out, your 2019 annual vestry returns with the names and contact information of your various officers; your 2018 financial returns, and your 2018 parochial statistics.