Children and Youth Ministry Symposium

We are thrilled to announce that the 2nd Annual Children and Youth Ministry Symposium will take place at Fulford Hall on Saturday, January 28 th 2017 (10-3pm)
This will be a crucial day for leaders to share their C.Y.M Challenge stories. It will be exhilarating to learn how children and youth from across Montreal led their congregations in unique, innovative worship experiences.

Thanks to the hard work of the leaders, the encouragement and support of clergy, and the exceptional training provided at the C.Y.M Forum in Ottawa on November 5th, we have many capable presenters, who are equipped and enthused to share the good news of their ministry in all of its variations. 

Presenters must register by January 20th 2017 to ensure participation.

Exceptional candidates will receive a plaque and visit from guest preacher and noted children's ministry expert Rev. Jean-Daniel Williams. 

Please attend the Children and Youth Ministry Symposium to support the important work of children and youth ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Montreal..

Contact for details, to register and to RSVP. 
Lunch will be provided.