Supper Club Christmas Party 2016

                                    Supper Club Christmas Party 2016

On December 8th, MTL Youth Project Coordinator Lee-Ann Matthews and Worship Leader Zack Ingles hosted a festive Christmas Party for leaders of children and youth ministry in the diocese of Montreal.

The event attracted children and youth ministry enthusiasts from far and wide who were eager to be a part of the fun. Music, prayer, fellowship and food were all being served in Fulford Hall that night. There were jingle bells, guitars, dancing and singing too! It is safe to say that a good time was had by all! 

Supper Club / Eucharist has been going strong throughout 2016. Clergy and lay people alike come together to share their common interest: children and youth ministry!

The event serves as a meaningful time of support and community building particularly as many parishes have embarked on the Children and Youth Ministry Challenge. Leaders appreciate being able to share ideas, best practices and get inspiration from one another. They will come together again next month for an important day of learning and sharing at the 2nd Annual Children and Youth Ministry Symposium on January 28th 2017 10 am - 3pm at Fulford Hall. All are welcome to attend and to participate in this crucial dialogue. 

Stay tuned for 2017 Supper Club dates 

All leaders, volunteers and supporters of ministry to young people are always strongly encouraged to attend!

Contact Lee-Ann for info…