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Supper Club Retrospective


Our last Supper Club early Christmas party / Exodus of 2018 is tonight...

this leaves me reflective of the ways that Supper Club has evolved over the years. Here is a short synopsis...

Well, to begin, Supper Club started off as Breakfast Club. A weekly gathering for youth ministry leaders. We would hang out, talk about life, network, share stories, exchange ideas pray, etc. Over time, this evolved as morning meetings weren't conducive to work schedules.

Enter Supper Club...

Initially created with the intention of gathering children and youth leaders over a meal in much the same way as it originated. 
As we began to explore and deepen our understanding of church planting and Fresh Expressions of church, it became increasingly clear that there is real synergy with children and youth ministry. 
Why not open the table to include those who were interested in gathering from every walk of life, to model an alternate way of doing church? We rebooted Supper Club and launched it a Fresh Expression. 
We included some formatting such as including monthly biblical themes and encouraging open ended discussions with informal worship and experiential learning (art, self expression and creativity are part of the Supper Club movement)
These units can be then used in Sunday School, bible study or other church contexts. 
In fact, Supper Club is a ministry that can be implemented wherever you are... check it out, download the themes and the event outline on our website. The idea, however, is not to be too structured as we like to leave room for the Holy Spirit.

So, that's it for my trip down memory lane. I do hope to see you tonight...

Would love to know your feelings about #Supperclub

Have you been?
How was it?
Would you come again?
Why / Why not?

Submitted By Lee-Ann Matthews on November 19, 2018

Social Media Tips

Have you been wondering how to use social media more effectively? Here are a few tips for your consideration

By Lee-Ann Matthews (Diocesan Social Media and Website Coordinator)

roman-bozhko-251947-unsplash (1).jpg

Make an editorial calendar

Use the church bulletin to create and schedule content. Ideally you will be posting on your social media page at least 3 times a week. Draw inspiration from the bulletin. For example...

  • Announcements

  • Readings

  • Hymns

  • Sermon quotes

That’s four posts right there!


Be Creative


Share a photo, a short video clip or other personal snapshot that might elicit a smile or some curiosity from your audience. Use a hashtag that identifies this to your church. Such as

“Fall is beautiful! Just look at that mysterious sky! I took this on my way home yesterday. God is good!”

#churchoflife #mychurch #anglicandioceseofmontreal #mtlanglican #Godisgood


Treat your audience the way you would treat a friend

Just as nobody wants to hear the same story over and over, the same can be said of your audience. Try to vary your content and deliver posts that are fresh and relevant to them, posts that offer value and meaning. That means, you need to become a very good listener. Get to know your audience, make a list of their likes and dislikes and curate posts that serve them. For instance, presumably, they are Christian, and would appreciate some inspiring spiritual quotes, passages from scripture or uplifting theological messages.

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