Act Now if you wish to continue receiving your Anglican newspapers!


If you want to continue receiving the Anglican Journal and the Anglican Montreal you must confirm your address with the National Church. You can do so either online, by email or phone. (see below for details). 

Failure to do so will mean that the upcoming June 2019 issue will be your last!

There is a quick online form to fill out here:

If you have trouble with the link, try this one:

Or you can give your information via email or phone 1-866-333-0959 or you can print out and mail the attached coupon.

The national office is no longer sending out parish lists to update,  BUT – If you have a parish list that you would like to send in to the national office before June please do so! They will accept this as well as individual opt-ins. 

Please do all that you can to support the Anglican Journal and the Anglican Montreal. Every subscriber will count!

Nicki Hronjak

Editor, Anglican Montreal