Lenten Mission Outreach Day Mission Project Update

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Thanks to the leadership of Zack Ingles, one of the LMO mission projects will be an Experience Walk.

This experience is designed to educate, demystify and engage youth with service to the poor. Why does the Bible say, "The poor are blessed"? Why are people told to give all they have to the poor and to share the good news with the poor? This interactive experience will introduce teens to Jesus' call to serve the poor, answer key questions about homelessness, and provide an opportunity to do respectful outreach in downtown Montreal. Zack Ingles has been part of the Anglican Church for the past 7 years, working in youth and young adult ministries. Since 2016, he has been managing a drop-in centre for the homeless (The Open Door) in downtown Montreal. The Open Door was founded on the principal of cultivating loving relationship with the poor in the name of Jesus. Zack will share about his experiences of working with the poor at The Open Door; engaging teens in a dynamic Q&A, watching videos from the shelter and answering questions of how a single person can make a difference in the lives of the poor. Participants will also be part of an outreach project where supplies (TBD: snack packs, hygiene kits, sandwiches, encouraging notes, resource lists) will be handed out to the homeless in Montreal's downtown area. Several other community organizations have been invited to partner on this experience. Maximum number of participants will be limited to 20 people, ages 12+.

Safety is a key priority during the outreach component of this experience. Zack has led several similar outreaches in the past, is safe church certified, and has de-escalation/conflict management training. The majority of persons experiencing homelessness that this experience will be interact with will know Zack personally through The Open Door. Groups will have no less than 5 people (including one leader) at all times. At no time will any teens be left on their own. Participants will travel by foot only. The outreach area will be limited to within 2 blocks of Christ Church Cathedral. 

  • Participants are asked to bring weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes to be outside for 30-45 minutes.

  • For more information about The Open Door: www.facebook.com/opendoormtl

  • For any questions concerning content of this experience: zackingles@gmail.com