Bishop's Blessings Beyond

 A Message from Susan Winn

Bishop’s Blessing Beyond 2018

Bishop Mary is planning to visit Masasi this summer. There is a way that we can send our affection and support with her as she visits in our Partnership Diocese.

Over the last ten years in partnership with the Diocese of Masasi in Tanzania, a number of our Montreal parishes have hosted visiting Masasi bishops and clergy during their visits here.

In 2015 Bishop James Almasi and Canon Geoffrey Monjesa visited St. James Church in Hudson, St. Mark’s Church in Dorval, St. Peter’s Church in TMR, La Nativite, St. Paul’s in Knowlton, the Parish of Rawdon, Christ Church cathedral and the Montreal Diocesan Theological College. A number of our churches have supported the Mothers’ Union in their work with women and children. In addition, many parishes have supported PWRDF projects to provide seeds, tools and training for farmers to grow new food crops.

Our face to face meetings have enabled us to learn about our very diverse challenges, and to pray for one another as partners in the work that Jesus Christ has called us to do in His name.

At this time we have an opportunity to share tokens of our affection with these African partners. As Bishop Mary and three others travel through Masasi, they will witness the many needs and ministries in our partnership diocese. In small ways, our contributions can make a difference.

If every parish in the Diocese of Montreal could host an event, or provide an initiative, that would raise some funds for Bishop Mary to take with her, to be used at her discretion as she visits schools, orphanages and parishes along the way, these small gifts would remind our partners that we are with them in Spirit, and we care for their wellbeing. Gifts might include contributions to children’s food programs, school uniforms, books for the Bible school or shoes for priests who travel on foot from parish to parish. 

In a country where many families live on less than a dollar a day, every dollar we raise will make an enormous difference.

In addition to funds, Bishop Mary would appreciate prayers written by people in our churches. Our bishop would carry our handwritten prayers to read to our partners during services and celebrations.  If you do write a personal prayer, please include the name of your parish and your own name so that Bishop Mary can explain where the prayers originated.


Funds may be forwarded to the Anglican Diocese of Montreal, by cheque, (clearly marked, Bishop’s  Blessing Beyond) or in cash delivered to Jennifer James Phillips in the Accounting Office, or by using Canada Helps. Linked HERE 

Tax receipts will be sent to all donors.

Prayers can be mailed to Bishop Mary at the Diocesan Offices.  Thank you for your generosity.

Watch the video interview of Bishop Mary HERE

See the brochure 


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