Welcome to our Amazing Congregational Development Coordinator.

Congregational Development is about Who We Are - Not What We Do
— Rev Dr. Neil Mancor

Welcome to Neil Mancor our new and highly capable Congregational Development Coordinator. He is looking forward to supporting you with your Congregational Development.

Getting to know Neil…

Born and raised in Vancouver, Neil has been involved in the Anglican Church his entire life. After moving to the UK in 1990, he completed his Ph.D. in Cistercian Spirituality in 1997 and was ordained deacon in 1999 and priest in 2000 in St David’s Cathedral, Wales. Neil has served in small rural parishes, large urban parishes and mid-sized suburban parishes in Wales, Vancouver and since 2008 here in Montreal. Neil has a wide range of experience in the competencies of Congregational Development beginning with Stewardship Education in which Neil has been involved at Diocesan, Provincial and National levels, helping create the Giving Our Thanks and Praise resource. A trained Natural Church Development coach, he is passionate about the power of this programme to help parishes identify both weaknesses and strengths and build capacity for growth. Neil has been involved in the Missional Church movement and recently helped facilitate the Missional Cohort here in Montreal and is the Regional Coordinator for Messy Church Canada. Neil completed his certificate in Restorative Practises for faith communities in 2018 and believes in the power of the circle group to help congregations speak and listen lovingly to each other.

A few words from Neil

Thinking about congregational development: who we are is more important than what we do.

Two questions from Natural Church Development which struck me:

·         I know people in my congregation who harbour bitterness against each other;

On the other hand:

·         The atmosphere of our congregation is marked by praise and thanks.

That’s more like it! It comes down to seeing Christ in each other and being Christ to each other. If we can live that, others will notice.

“By this will everyone know that you are my disciples: if you love one another.” John 13.35