PWRDF Pikangikum Water Project

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Find below details about the Water Walk on Saturday, September 30th 10 am - 1pm

Volunteers are needed ....

Start at 10:00am (approx) from St Lawrence Church and Crawford (on the footpath). At each place there will be a short prayer for the journey.

At St Lawrence: 

Distance to Bishop Power approx 3.4 km

A water station to fill ‘your own’ water bottles. (2 people to oversee)

Emergency toilets in the church.

At Crawford: Distance to Bishop Power 

Distance to Bishop Power approx 3.0 km

A water station to fill ‘your own’ water bottles. (2 people to oversee.)

Emergency public toilets available.

End at Bishop power. Ceremony at 12noon.

At Bishop power:

A water station to fill your own bottles. (2 people to oversee.)

Public toilets plus ‘port-a-potty’.

Fruit for snacks. (2 people to oversee.)

Box and publicity for donations. (2 people to hover)

Along the routes:

2 first-aiders on bicycles, accessible by cell phone

4 people to help at a couple of places where footpath intersect bike bath.

People to roam the path providing encouragement and help where needed. (These are not first-aiders)


Megaphone at Bishop Power and possibly also at the starting points.

Also after the ceremony, a bus to take people back to their cars.

If you would like to help please contact Ann Cumyn        Phone 514 457 5280

Please note the suggested number of volunteers are the minimum required. We will welcome anyone who wishes to help