Supper Club hosts new Workshop Series with Gideon Strauss starting March 14

Workshop: Your Next Five Years
Navigating major life decisions are as exciting and challenging when you are 20 as it is when you are 40 or 75. In this workshop we will learn a tried and tested set of tools for vocational decision-making. We will workshop our own decision-making for the next five years. At the same time we will learn how to use these tools in our ministries, to help others practically as they ask big questions and dream worthy dreams. This highly adaptive set of tools will be effective in ministry with children, youth, young adults ... all the way through to ministry with people making decisions about the third third of their lives. 

Workshop Dates:

Supper Club / Workshop 1 Tuesday Mar 14th 6 pm

Supper Club / Workshop 2 Tuesday April 4th 6 pm

Supper Club / Workshop 3 Tuesday May 2nd 6 pm

The workshop facilitator will be Gideon Strauss, a parishioner at Christ Church cathedral, Montreal. Gideon has two decades of professional experience helping others in their vocational discernment. This includes teaching courses in missional entrepreneurship and vocational wayfinding as Associate Professor of Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, California) and as Associate Professor in Worldview Studies at the Institute for Christian Studies (Toronto). 

Contact Lee-Ann to register