Advent Challenge 2017

DEFINITION: ad·vent ˈadˌvent/the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event."the advent of television"

  • the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. noun: Advent

    the coming or second coming of Christ.

The Advent Challenge 2017: A few ideas to get you started...

1. Reach out! Invite someone new to have a chat, coffee, tea, lunch or dinner etc. (bonus points if the person is lonely, in crisis or estranged...)

2. Help out! Clean up a shared workspace, shovel snow, rake leaves or pick up trash that is not your own. (bonus points if you don’t ask for accolades from those you helped)

3. Tune in! Spend more time in meditation/prayer.
This can take the form of worship, walking, sitting or lying down. If you already have a daily practice then increase the duration or style. (bonus points if you simultaneously cultivate a conscious sense of gratitude and thanksgiving)

4. Time out! Take a day off from social media and on-line communication and dedicate your newly acquired free time to being present to friends, neighbours, family, colleagues and strangers. (bonus points if you encourage someone else to join you)

5. Think outside the box! There are countless ways that we can be of service to ourselves and to our communities. The challenge is for each of us, as individuals or as a parish, bible study, youth ministry or small gathering to push ourselves to take on a new practice to be the light of the world in these dark days before the birth of Christ. (bonus points if you try something that you have never done before/push your personal boundaries)

6. Shout it out! Share your process and experience to inspire others to find tangible ways to embody the light of Christ and embrace the 1st Mark of mission: Proclaim the good news of the kingdom

Advent Challenge Guidelines:

1. Submit your entry with a few words, a picture, video or all of the above either on our Facebook page or by email during the season of Advent.

2. You may post/submit however and as many times as you wish
3. The Advent Challenge ends on Christmas Eve (December 24th at midnight)

4. The winner will receive Bishop Mary Irwin-Gibson to preach/ speak /celebrate during a Sunday service or other event as it applies in 2018 (availability/dates TBD)

Good Luck!!!

The Anglican Diocese of Montreal Communications Team