NEW: Children and Youth Ministry Challenge 2016/17


A call to action for every church across the Dioceses of Montreal and Ottawa to participate in, encourage and support a liturgy that is designed and implemented by and for children and youth.


Children and Youth are charged with the task of designing and implementing a minimum of 30% of the liturgy on their C.Y.M.C Sunday.

This event and its process must be documented (photos, videos, testimonials, blogs, social media uploads) and submitted for consideration by December 31st 2016 and prepared to present at the annual Children's and Youth Ministry Symposium in January 2017.


To empower, support, nourish and connect young people with the liturgical life of their churches.
To put children and youth in the focal position (listen / respect / validate)
To be reminded of the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:14 who said, 
"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these"


Parishes across the Dioceses of Ottawa and Montreal are invited to participate in teams or individually as works best for their church context.


The full event / video / details will be launched at Supper Club / Eucharist on Thursday September 8th 2016 at Fulford Hall in Montreal. 

Important Dates to remember: 

C.Y.M.C Preparation Day (training and workshops on liturgy, and best practices) Saturday, November 5th (Ottawa, Ont.);

The deadline for submission to present C.Y.M.C project details and become a C.Y.M.C candidate is December 31st

The Children's and Youth Ministry Symposium candidate presentations will take place on Saturday January 28th 2017.

Challenge winners will be selected by a panel of experts by March 1st 2017

*Winners will get a plaque of recognition from the Anglican Diocese of Montreal and the opportunity to receive talented guest preacher and noted Children's ministry expert, Rev'd Jean Daniel Williams (PhD candidate in Children's Ministry) to guest preach in their church.

Contact Lee-Ann Matthews (514) 953-4060 for more information.