May 20: The Three Cantors

It's been said that the one who sings "prays twice". When was the last time you stood in a packed church and joined your voice with hundreds of others, raising the roof with a beloved hymn then, the next moment, heard a favourite broadway tune?

An evening with The Cantors is more than just a concert. There's a rare and life-changing pleasure that these four know about, and share. Their friendship, humour, dedication and energy shine through as a testimony to music's ability, combined with faith, to transcend anything. A Three Cantors Concert is a celebration of the power of music to bring joy, hope and faith in Christ to bear on the challenges of a world of people in need... and to have a great time doing it!

Please join us at St George’s Place du Canada on Wednesday May 20th for a fantastic evening with The Three Cantors… you won’t regret it!

For tickets, contact St George’s Church (information on the poster below) Remember, all proceeds benefit PWRDF! To learn more about The Three Cantors, visit here