Stewardship Day 2015 - A Practical Approach

Your Diocesan Stewardship Council is pleased to offer a 'hands-on' Stewardship Day on Saturday March 14, 2015, 8:30am - 3:30pm in Fulford Hall, 1444 Union Avenue, Montreal H3A 2B8.

In this resource-rich day we will offer clergy and lay participants information on:

Approaches that work for financial stewardship campaigns, including the importance of an annual "Every-Person Ask"

The value of a Narrative Budget for communicating "why" people support their church, and a step-by-step workshop on creating a Narrative Budget (with a real-time example from one of our parishes)

Incorporating stewardship in the worship life of our parishes, including preaching, prayer, hymnody and education

A practical year-round approach to stewardship education and awareness

We hope that EVERY PARISH in our Diocese will be able to send a 2-4 person team (including clergy) to this exciting and valuable event. While this Stewardship Day is open to any participants whom you may choose to send from your parish, certainly your parish leaders are likely candidates to approach: Parish Clergy, Wardens/Deputy Wardens, Synod Delegates & Alternates, Stewardship Chairpersons, Treasurers, and leaders of other groups and ministries.

Through the information and resources that will be provided at this Stewardship Day, your parish team will return home equipped to either start a stewardship initiative or bolster and strengthen efforts already being made in your parish.

To register your parish team, please contact Nicki Hronjak in the Diocesan Programme Office - 514-843-6577 or There is no cost to attend this event; lunch will be provided.

Yours in God's mission to the world,

The Ven. Michael Johnson
Chair of the Stewardship Council
Diocese of Montreal

p.s. Please see the attached poster, which we encourage you to print out and post in your parish.