Here are some liturgical resources in English and French. (If text in other languages used in the diocese are submitted we would be glad to include them as well!) The French documents are taken from:

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French Glossary / Glossaire anglais-français 

English-French Glossary of Church Terms / Glossaire anglais-français de termes ecclésiastiques

Advent Resources / Resources pour L'Avent

These links provide and English and a French version of each document 

  • Easter

  • Pentecost

  • Christmas

  • Document 1

  • Document 2

  • Document 3




  • Child baptism

  • Adult baptism

  • Baptême enfant

  • Baptême adulte


  • Deacon

  • Priest


  • Wedding 1

  • Wedding 2

  • Marriage 1

  • Marriage 2


  • Funeral 1

  • Funeral 2