The Standing Committee on Mission is excited to announce that we are launching a “Lenten Challenge” to all parishes with an award of up to $3000 to fund the project we find best emphasizes compassionate collaboration and community building.

 Below you will find further details of the Lenten Challenge as well as an application form. We hope you and another church and/or Anglican mission group decide to participate in what we hope will be the first in a series of challenges across the next few years.

 Please address any questions you might have regarding the Challenge to one of the members of the committee listed below or Nicki Hronjak of the Programme Office at If you should need help developing your project, you can contact Mark Dunwoody at

 It is our deepest hope that this Challenge will excite and engage our shared hopes for better serving each other and others.

 Yours in Christ,

Nancy Hamilton – Chair

Nancy Hamilton:

Angela Andrews:

Rev. Brian Perron:

Penny Rankin:

Mission Committee Grant Application



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