One of our roles as a committee is to help parishes find the resources to begin projects that at their heart support the Marks of Mission and the Gospel call of service to others. 

We are currently "mapping out" the amazing range of service to others that are currently happening across the Diocese...In January we hope to share this on our website and hope it will inspire even more activities-So stay tuned!

Please note too, that we do not fund the purchase of computers, screens or projectors etc. We also are extremely cautious around any appeal for support towards salaries. Projects that are awarded funding can reapply- however, in view of our intent to encourage programs that become self-sustaining within a community or community partnership, our policy if awarding in subsequent years is to then lower the funding to 75% and 50% of the first year's grant in years 2 and 3 respectfully.

If you would like to be a part of the important work of the Mission Standing Committee, contact us!

For more information and to apply click here

Yours in Christ,

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Nicki Hronjak programme.office@montreal.anglican.ca

Angela Andrews aandrews@videotron.ca

Terry Hidichuk thidichuk@montreal.anglican.ca

George Greene stmichaelsmission@gmail.com

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