Anglican Contacts List

For the Anglican Contacts List, click HERE

Clergy Benefits

All active stipendiary clergy of the Anglican Diocese of Montreal working, 20 hours or more per week on a regular basis, are eligible to participate in the group benefits program. For more information, please see the Group Benefits Program brochure.

Bible Studies

Bible studies are a great way to interact with your parish and for your parish to interact with each other. They also provide a great opportunity for parishioners to discuss and challenge each other to ultimately, expand their view and understanding of God.

There are a number of Bible studies available online and at bookstores. Here are two we can recommend:

Clergy Continuing Education Program

Constitution and Canons

The Constitution sets out the structure and rules of synod, while the Canons are the law of the Diocese, governing its life and discipline.  Click here to access the document.


Click here to access helpful downloadable forms.

French Glossary / Glossaire anglais-français 

English-French Glossary of Church Terms / Glossaire anglais-français de termes ecclésiastiques

Liturgical Resources / Ressources liturgiques

Here are some French liturgical texts; voici quelques documents liturgiques.


 The Clergy Handbook is in two sections: Liturgy with Appendixes, Diocesan Employment Policies with Appendixes.  

The Warden Handbook serves to familiarize new churchwardens and lay leaders with their roles and responsibilities, and also serves as a reference source to experienced churchwardens and incumbents.

Marriage Prep

Helping a couple prepare for marriage? Here are some resources that may help you:

Redeem the Commute
Commuting can really test a marriage. This course is for couples, young or old, experienced or newlyweds, in trouble or just looking to learn.

Enrich Canada
A web-based non-denominational course to be administered by a facilitator. $75 per use (per couple).
Online courses and also courses in situ with groups of couples in the greater Toronto area. The Diocese of Ottawa also runs courses.

Relationship Central

Ordination Process

Ordination into Holy Orders in Christ’s Holy Catholic Church, and specifically in the Anglican Church of Canada, is a privilege not a right. Every Christian is called by God through baptism to minister by the effective use of his or her spiritual gifts in life’s context. The ordained ministry is only one of many ways in which God calls the baptized to serve Christ.  To learn more about the ordained ministry, we invite you to see the brochure "The Ordained Ministry — Is It For You? ".  For more details about the Discernment Process:

Parish Growth

The Diocese offers you support, resources, and ideas to help you build and sustain healthy, vital parishes.  Here are a few resources available for you:

Mutual Ministry Review

Mutual Ministry Review (MMR) can help support your parish build effective ministries by encouraging collaborative leadership and healthy relationships between priest and people. Through MMR you can articulate mutual expectations and set goals and a work plan for ministry. The process helps you celebrate your parish’s strengths and identify and work on the problems.  For more information contact your Archdeacon. 

Natural Church Development

Natural Church Development (NCD) is a process for building healthy, growing churches. Based on extensive research from churches in Canada and around the world, it can give you an assessment of your church’s health and a plan for healthy growth based on the 8 quality characteristics that all healthy growing churches have.  For more information, please visit  or contact The Rev Dr. Neil Mancor.

Gifts Discernment

God has given each one of us talents and abilities for ministry. Find out more about what yours are — on your own or as part of a team in your church. Knowing, and being known for, our real gifts can be invigorating for ourselves and for our parish’s ministry.  Look at the Natural Church Development website for more information. There is also an offline Spiritual Gifts Discernment process available from the Episcopal Church here

Post-Ordination Training

Post-ordination training in the Diocese of Montreal is a three-year program designed to build a community of practitioners for those in their early years of ordained ministry. To obtain information concerning the program, click here.

Safe Church Policies and Guidelines

Tools & Tips for Treasurers

Over 70 people participated in a seminar, including incumbents, treasurers and wardens from across the diocese. 
Plus de 70 personnes ont participé à un séminaire, incluant des titulaires, trésoriers et directeurs de tous les coins du diocèse.

Within this section, you will find a roadmap to resources that help clergy meet their legal, canonical and policy obligations.