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5 Tips to Consider when implementing or Initiating Children and Youth Ministry

By: Lee-Ann Matthews (MTL Youth Project Coordinator)

  1. Spend Time Together in Community: No amount of creative lesson planning, virtue, prayer, creed, craft or colouring sheet is going to have as much impact as creating a space where meaningful, intentional community takes place.  Engaging with one another in a relaxed, easy going way such as, hanging out and doing nothing together is essential and who knows, you may just have fun while you’re at it. 

2. Relationships are Everything: Get to know the parents and the kids in your programs. Ask questions, share and engage in conversation.  Be empathetic and build a foundation of trust. This is the cornerstone of effective ministry. Not only is this a theologically sound principle but learning and growth is most conducive in caring, close environments. 

  • Create safe, confidential spaces for group sharing. Model and use a “check-in” system
  • Put the kids at the centre of the program, they are the program

3. Listening and Prayer are essential:  Listening to one another and praying together are powerful tools that can have a transformative effect. One of the most impactful things we can do in youth ministry is to model and encourage a prayer practice. This is something that is not generally an option in schools and other community activities and yet we harbour is a deep, fundamental need for prayer and spiritual connection.

4. Build a Solid Curriculum:  Be prepared and engaging. Build a dynamic, user focused program that is relevant, fun and engaging while integrating sound theology. Encourage open ended questions, don't have all the answers, revel in the mystery, be fluid, have fun and engage with scripture.

5. Don’t be Afraid to try Something new! Experiment, receive feedback, look around and be curious about other approaches. Have you considered Messy Church? Godly Play (linked below in our resources) or initiating a new pilot project? Why Not? Variety is the spice of life and in ministry we are called to invite people into relationship with Christ. This may require some trial and error and experimentation. Jesus said Let the Little Children come to me but he didn’t specify how… Be pro active in building a ministry that reflects the light and love of God. 


Check out the link to some pics from the BCD18 event HERE 

Children and Youth Ministry Resources

Trailblazing Online Youth Ministry                                               CLAY

Messy Church                                                                                     Children's Ministry Magazine

Stories on the Way .                                                                            Supper Club

Godly Play Canada                                                                             Spiritual Direction for Youth and Leaders

Youth Ministry Apps                                                                          Children and Youth Ministry Challenge

Compendium of the Church Mice (Curriculum)


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 MTL Youth Leaders Unite!

MTL Youth Leaders Unite!

Have you considered taking on The Children and Youth Ministry Challenge?

We are delighted to announce that many parishes are on board and are eager to take part! Whether you already host a children and youth inspired liturgy or would like to try one for the first time, the #CYMChallenge is a great opportunity to get involved. We are here to help.  Step 1. watch the CYMChallenge video with kids, parents and leaders and then start considering the amazing possibilities! Do you want to Learn More?