About our Congregations

Our diocese comprises the island of Montreal, most of the Laurentians (up to Mont-Tremblant), some of the lower Outaouais region, the South Shore of the Montreal Region, and part of the Eastern Townships (down to but not including Sherbrooke).

The Anglican Diocese of Montreal celebrated its sesquicentennial in 2000 but there has been an Anglican presence in what constitutes the Diocese since 1760. From our oldest parish in Sorel to our newest francophone initiative in that same place, through industrial change and demographic shifts, the Diocese still endeavours to reflect the changing face of Anglicanism in Quebec. One hundred years ago, the rosters showed the diocese comprised one hundred and twenty six (126) clergy, ninety two (92) of which where engaged in active parish work; parishes numbered eighty five (85) with one hundred and ninety one (191) congregations and there were eighty eight thousand and three hundred fifteen (88,315) individuals on the parish lists. Today, we have one hundred and thirty eight (138) clergy, eighty two (82) of which are active in parish work; parishes number seventy two (72) with one hundred and twenty (120) congregations and there are fifteen thousand, one hundred and five (15,105) individuals on the parish lists.