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5 Tips to Consider when implementing or Initiating Children and Youth Ministry

By: Lee-Ann Matthews (MTL Youth Project Coordinator)

  1. Spend Time Together in Community: No amount of creative lesson planning, virtue, prayer, creed, craft or colouring sheet is going to have as much impact as creating a space where meaningful, intentional community takes place.  Engaging with one another in a relaxed, easy going way such as, hanging out and doing nothing together is essential and who knows, you may just have fun while you’re at it. 

2. Relationships are Everything: Get to know the parents and the kids in your programs. Ask questions, share and engage in conversation.  Be empathetic and build a foundation of trust. This is the cornerstone of effective ministry. Not only is this a theologically sound principle but learning and growth is most conducive in caring, close environments. 

  • Create safe, confidential spaces for group sharing. Model and use a “check-in” system
  • Put the kids at the centre of the program, they are the program

3. Listening and Prayer are essential:  Listening to one another and praying together are powerful tools that can have a transformative effect. One of the most impactful things we can do in youth ministry is to model and encourage a prayer practice. This is something that is not generally an option in schools and other community activities and yet we harbour is a deep, fundamental need for prayer and spiritual connection.

4. Build a Solid Curriculum:  Be prepared and engaging. Build a dynamic, user focused program that is relevant, fun and engaging while integrating sound theology. Encourage open ended questions, don't have all the answers, revel in the mystery, be fluid, have fun and engage with scripture.

5. Don’t be Afraid to try Something new! Experiment, receive feedback, look around and be curious about other approaches. Have you considered Messy Church? Godly Play (linked below in our resources) or initiating a new pilot project? Why Not? Variety is the spice of life and in ministry we are called to invite people into relationship with Christ. This may require some trial and error and experimentation. Jesus said Let the Little Children come to me but he didn’t specify how… Be pro active in building a ministry that reflects the light and love of God. 

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Contact Lee-Ann anytime mtlyouth@montreal.anglican.ca

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Bishop's Confirmation Day 2018 "Come Celebrate Your Faith!"


We are inviting you to a special opportunity to celebrate your faith with our very own Bishop, Mary Irwin-Gibson

You will be treated to a spectacular day in celebration of you!!!  This will include an awesome worship band, drumming and art workshops, a yummy catered lunch and many more fun surprises for all ages! 

Please send a photo from your confirmation day when you RSVP to mtlyouth@montreal.anglican.ca. 

Questions? Need more info... Contact Lee-Ann by email or phone to learn more... 514 953-4060

Where: 1444 Union Ave (Fulford Hall)

When 10 am -1pm (Saturday, February 24, 2018)

Messy Church Anyone? 

Messy Fiesta

contact Neil Mancor about The Messy Fiesta 


Looking Back.....


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On November 25th, Montreal and Ottawa are hosted their annual training in a whole new way! They   invited Sheilagh McGlynn, the youth animator from the National Church, and Rev Jean Daniel Williams (PHD candidate and children's ministry expert) to help to facilitate a unique conversation that welcomes a wide variety of approaches and will engage with the needs, questions and concerns facing children and youth ministry today.

Where: 1444 Union Ave 2nd floor

When:  Saturday November 25th 10 am - 2pm

Thanks to the expertise of Gideon Strauss, they employed design thinking strategies to shape and build a conversation that was both relevant and transformative as we seek to serve and  grow disciples in the world today. Please download, print and complete the Empathy Map to get you started.  

Check out Gideon's blog


Our goal is to create a host of meaningful opportunities to come together through a variety of platforms such as trainings, retreats and supper clubs peppered with informal meetings, gatherings and random cups of coffee / tea. Our hope is that our efforts allow leaders to find a place of safety and a network of friends that are a valuable resource to their ministry.

COMING UP! We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a special event to celebrate the youth in our Diocese, the first ever Bishops's Confirmation Day  on Saturday, February 24th from 10am - 2pm at Fulford Hall (1444 Union Ave)


Supper Club Anyone? 

 New and Improved! Join us!  

New and Improved! Join us!  


check out our NEW VIBE!

Family friendly / monthly themes / alternative worship .... COMMUNITY 

We hope to see you at our next event  on Monday, March 26th 2018 5:30-7:30 pm




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MTL Youth attended the 3rd Annual Skylight Festival in Paris, Ontario this summer hosted by our United Church colleagues. The festival offered was a wide range of musical performances, worship experiences and varied speakers outdoors on the beautiful Paris fairground. We were blessed by great weather, new friendships and meaningful networking opportunities.

Check out our FUN Skylight video montage here 




Are you looking for a summer program? Check out our NEW Summer Camp listing on Latest News 

Friends of MTL Youth gathered recently for an informal hang out session that included games, food and laughter. Dreaming, praying and visioning together about the exciting future of MTL Youth! If you have any ideas to share, we would love to hear them.  Please contact mtlyouth@montreal.anglican.ca

 MTL Youth Leaders Unite!

MTL Youth Leaders Unite!

Supper Club Workshop Series with Gideon Strauss

Our Next Supper Club / Eucharist will be held on March 14 th at 6pm at Fulford Hall. (Featuring Gideon Strauss see event info here ). Supper Club celebrates the diversity of children, youth and young adult ministry in Montreal. Fellowship, Networking, prayer and Support for Leaders of Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry and those who support them. All Welcome! Please RSVP mtlyouth@montreal.anglican.ca


NEW!!! Godly Play Core Training Coming to Montreal June 1-3 2017

more info here

Past Events...

The 4th annual children, youth and young adult leaders week end accomplished its goal of leaving participants refreshed, restored and renewed for ministry. Workshops in art therapy, yoga and harp coupled with meaningful worship and fellowship provided the perfect balance for a restorative retreat.

CYMForum - Learning / Praying / Growing

The Children and Youth Ministry Forum was a rich opportunity for youth and leaders to learn, pray, share and reflect on children and youth ministry.  Both novice and veteran leaders from Montreal and Ottawa were amazed by the quality and diversity of workshops. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Workshops such as "Gospel Slam", "Godly Play", "Prayer Beads", "Drama" and "Responding to Scripture through Art" offered by noteworthy experts in youth ministry did not disappoint!

The Annual Children and Youth Ministry Symposium Jan. 28 

You are invited to a day of learning, sharing and inspiration by and for leaders of children and youth ministry. We are thrilled to announce that the 2nd Annual Children and Youth Ministry Symposium will take place at Fulford Hall on Saturday, January 28 th 2017 (10-3pm) This will be a crucial day for leaders to share their C.Y.M Challenge stories. It will be exhilarating to learn how children and youth from across Montreal led their congregations in unique, innovative worship experiences. Thanks to the hard work of the leaders, the encouragement and support ofclergy, and the exceptional training provided at the C.Y.M Forum in Ottawa on November 5th, we have many capable presenters, who are equipped and enthused to share the good news of their ministry in all of its variations. Presenters must register by January 20th 2017 to ensure participation. Exceptional candidates will receive a plaque and visit from guest preacher and noted children’s ministry expert Rev. Jean-Daniel Williams. Please attend the Children and Youth Ministry Symposium to support the important work of children and youth ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. Contact mtlyouth@montreal. anglican.ca for details, to register and to RSVP. Lunch will be provided.

Have you considered taking on The Children and Youth Ministry Challenge?

We are delighted to announce that many parishes are on board and are eager to take part! Whether you already host a children and youth inspired liturgy or would like to try one for the first time, the #CYMChallenge is a great opportunity to get involved. We are here to help.  Step 1. watch the CYMChallenge video with kids, parents and leaders and then start considering the amazing possibilities! Do you want to Learn More?