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At Montreal Synod 2018 we will gather people together to help find truth, understanding, peace and, yes, reconciliation. Mark the dates; Thursday evening June 14th to Saturday June 17th. This is a conference Synod.  

The conference, encompassing a workshop atmosphere, is calling on expertise stretching from our own communities to across the country. While reconciliation begins at home, our ultimate goal is for a municipal, provincial and national impact.

So, mark the date, the third weekend in June, 14-16th. Register yourself, your church members and friends to attend, participate and be part of reconciliation thorough experiencing truth, one solution at a time.


Click on the links below to see the brochures available in English and French.  They’ve been designed so that you have all of the relevant information concerning Synod at a glance.

Synod Brochure (English)

Brochure du synode (français)

Meet Our Speaker: Dr. Martin Brokenleg

by Mrs. Susan Winn (article from the Anglican Montreal, December 2017 issue)
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Dr. Martin Brokenleg is a world renowned teacher and facilitator who will be our keynote speaker [...]. In inspirational sessions Dr. Brokenleg will explore a philosophy of life, studying spiritual goals drawn from tribal wisdom. He will address the spiritual dimension of contemporary youth problems and powerful, proven strategies for connecting with young people. He speaks of family life as the foundational strength in resiliency. In this third year of our Synod triennium, focusing on Healing and Reconciliation, we will be most fortunate to hear from this brilliant theologian, teacher, psychologist and author, Dr. Brokenleg is co-author of the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future and wascodeveloper of the Circle of Courage model of positive youth development. He provides training worldwide for individuals who work with youth at risk. Martin holds a doctorate in psychology and is a graduate of the Anglican Divinity School. He is a retired professor and was most recently Director of Native Ministries and Professor of First Nations Theology at the Vancouver School of Theology. Dr. Brokenleg has consulted and led training programs throughout North America, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. He is the father of three children and an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.



Don't miss the workshops!

Friday's workshops will aim to help us to discover, together, how we can eliminate the segregating terms of us and them and replace them with words like we and our until they become natural and unifying.  

We have invited community and civic leaders committed to indigenous understanding; Marie-Josée Parent (City Councilor, Verdun), Guy Lacroix (Director cultural and social development, Burroughs of Verdun), Kevin Ka’nahsohon Deer (Faithkeeper, Revitalizing Mohawk Traditions), Al Harrington (Founder Red Urban Project) and Rev Annie Ittoshat (Indigenous Ministries, Epiphany-Verdun).