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Your Next Five Years Workshop 3

Our final MTL Youth Supper Club / "Your Next Five Years" Workshop with Gideon will take place on Tuesday May 2nd at 6 pm at Fulford Hall. 

Please RSVP here or on the fb event page

Here are a few reminders from Gideon to help prepare for the workshop

A reminder of things we can do to prepare for getting the most out of our third and last workshop:

1. Keep a Good Time Journal (and review it a few days before the workshop, noting down what we've learned about the ways in which our activities engage and energize us);

2. Invest in working with the Compass and Life Map tools (and bring our reworked versions along to the workshop);

3. Do an Informational Interview;

4. Teach someone else to use the tools we've learned in these workshops (and use the experience to evaluate the tools as part of our own navigational kits).