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CCEP Day 2015


To all clergy of the Anglican Diocese of Montreal: Thursday April 23, 2015 - St-George’s Place du Canada 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Join us for this first CCEP Day!

Your Diocesan Human Resources Standing Committee is pleased to offer the three following workshops for that exciting day!

  • O24U -Oxygen for you led by Rev. Canon Dr. Tim Elliott, Ministry Development Consultant with Six Oaks Consulting
  • Advanced Human Dynamics (part 1 and 2) led by Dianne Bradshaw, H.R., Training and Recruitment Specialist

There is no cost to attend this event; lunch will be provided. This event qualifies for six hours in the Clergy Continuing Education Program! A detailed agenda and registration information will follow shortly.

Workshops Description:

O24U -Oxygen for you*

*Always secure your own oxygen mask before assisting another person.

A workshop on Clergy Wellness – oxymoron or possibility?
Finding joy in ordained ministry is the key to wellness and health.

Being well in ordained ministry is a real challenge. We can make healthy decisions when we take the time to explore what’s possible, describe what’s true, and decide what’s right for each one of us. We will have time for reflection, discussion, and learning about how to find joy in ordained ministry. The guiding text is: John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly’. We will look not only at abundant life but also what steals, kills, and robs us of joy, life, and enthusiasm.

The workshop leader is the Rev. Canon Dr. Tim Elliott, Ministry Development Consultant with Six Oaks Consulting.
2 workshops in Advanced Human Dynamics

The most effective clergy are those who understand both themselves and others, so that they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their calling.  These inevitably involve interacting with people whose styles are compatible, and those that are more of a stretch.  Significant gaps usually create proportional stress and fatigue. 

Part 1: In-depth for Individuals

This workshop is custom-designed for those clergy who wish to enrich their own personal communication skills, and heighten awareness of others, by participating in a confidential self-administered online questionnaire, well in advance of the day.  The Insights profile measures various aspects of an individual's preferred work style across several dimensions.  It also measures the degree of each person’s flexibility to other styles.  Each attendee will receive a confidential 24-page report (these will not be shared with the other participants unless voluntarily done so) with an in-depth profile of their own unique work-related behaviour (quote from Executive Archdeacon Bill Gray “as priests, we are usually the same in both our personal and professional lives”).

Revelations in these reports are always met with a level of astonishment – that the reports are so accurate, that there are areas of discomfort, and frequently that the participants either do, or don’t, want to share them with their life partners!  Laughter and learning are guaranteed.

Part 2: Humanity as a Whole

Think about the type of person you find to be most challenging to deal with.  Describe their observable behaviour.  Now think about how you customarily prefer to deal with:

  • Problems and Challenges
  • Influencing Others
  • Pace of Environment
  • Rules and Procedures

Therein lies the challenge.  Unbeknownst to most of us, frustrations, misunderstandings and relationship breakdown are often the result of basic differences in brain programming.  The personal becomes the professional.  This workshop presents four research-based work-related behaviours, or preferred styles, that we automatically use when communicating with others, with shades in between.  Dealing with difficult people is incredibly taxing, but sometimes the ‘difficult’ person is us!  This workshop provides scientifically valid information in combination with highly animated interaction, a little theatre, and enhanced self-awareness.  A refresher for those will already advanced skills, and new tools for those still moving up the learning curve.  And of course a way to become better acquainted with fellow clergy. Guaranteed to be practical, enlightening and a lot of fun!

The workshop leader is Dianne Bradshaw, H.R. , Training and Recruitment Specialist.