Welcome to the CCEP Page!

We hope will take advantage of the Clergy Continuing Education Plan (CCEP) for learning, growth, spiritual nourishment and self improvement.

  • This initiative was proudly launched in December 2015 and we wish to support you!

  • Please note that this plan is applicable to all licensed clergywith the exception of non-stipendiary members

  • Kindly take the time to complete your CCEP Activities Declaration Log and return it to the attention of Sophie Bertrand by December 1st 2018

  • We have provided a detailed brochure for your information

  • Find a listing of Continuing Education Opportunities HERE or visit the Clergy Toolbox for more.

  • We are receptive to learn about other events or opportunities that might be of interest and benefit to clergy wishing to pursue continuing education.

  •  If you need additional information, help or support reach out to Sophie Bertrand, CHRP/CRHA