Dear friend,

I am writing to ask for your support for the Bishop’s Action Appeal. I hope that you will be able to join with other people of this Diocese in strengthening important ministries.

Thanks to your generous response to last year’s appeal, we were able to support current and future postulants for ordination in our diocese with grants towards education and living costs in their final year of study.

This year, we are focusing on two very different ministries:

Our companion Diocese of Masasi in Tanzania is building a new boarding school in the rural town of Namasakata. The St. Catherine Girls Secondary School will fill the area’s profound need for high-quality education for girls in a safe environment. The school will serve and is supported by the entire mixed-faith community; an inspiring example of cooperation between Christians and Muslims, as well as faith leaders and government. Many parishes within our diocese depend on the service of Lay Readers to provide weekly worship opportunities. A growing number of these dedicated individuals are enrolling in university level courses, as well as programs such as EFM, and the costs of such courses are rising. Your donation to the Bishop’s Action Appeal would enable the Lay Readers Association to offer bursaries to their members for ongoing education.

Please pray for the work of the church and give as generously as you are able. Call our office at 514-843-6577, or go to and click on the Donate Now button. Unless you specify otherwise, half of your donation will go to Giving with Grace, which funds ministries at the national church level, including The Healing Fund, military chaplaincies, indigenous ministries and more. For more information on Giving with Grace visit

With my thanks, and every blessing,

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The Rt. Rev. Mary Irwin-Gibson


P.S. Gifts of $25 or more are eligible for a tax receipt, which will be issued in February 2020.


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