Get Involved!

The stewardship of time & talent — an opportunity to share & serve

Involve yourself in the work of the Diocese of Montreal

The Committees of the Diocese of Montreal rely on talented people — people just like you; we are Christ’s hands in this world. Together, we provide resources to parishes, reach out to those at the margins of opportunity, and share the Gospel message.

The following committees have vacancies:

  • The Montreal Unit of the PWRDF 
  • The Finance Standing Committee focuses on budget, stewardship and financial growth, investment, property, and accounting policy of the Synod.
  • The Standing Committee on Mission - ensures that the parishes of the Diocese are informed, challenged, and encouraged to be active in the areas of social justice and peace, service to the community, partnerships with the worldwide church, and the stewardship of creation.
  • The Stewardship of the Environment

For more information, contact the Programme Office at 514 843 6577, ext. 244 or click here.

Parish Communicators

At its annual vestry meeting, each parish (or congregation within a multi-point parish if so desired) is encouraged to appoint a person to serve as Parish Communicator.

The role of the Parish Communicator is:

  • to facilitate communications within the parish
  • to ensure that communications issued by the diocese (and deanery) reach the appropriate person within the parish so that can be acted upon in a timely manner.
  • to assist parish organizations and individuals within the parish in contacting the appropriate person or office at the diocesan level in order to provide required information or resources.
  • to act as publicity coordinator for the parish by providing news about the parish to local news media and The Montreal Anglican.

The diocese sends copies of all informational material, now being mailed out to clergy, to the Parish Communicator as well as the clergy.

Clergy are encouraged to work closely with their Parish Communicator and to assist them in acquiring needed skills and support to carry out their responsibilities.
Interested in becoming a Parish Communicator? Let your cleric know! All you need is;

  • an active email address
  • an interest in what is going on in the Diocese
  • a desire to let the rest of the Diocese know what is happening in your parish.

For more information, contact Nicki Hronjak in the Programme Office at 514-843-6577 ext 244