Christ Church Cathedral and the Bananas

Christ Church Cathedral participatied in this year's Ste Catherine Célèbre, in collaboration with Montreal Ville Equitable, supporting the campaign to gain Fair Trade Status for the city of Montreal. This was the first time that the cathedral had participated in this street fair, and the first partnership with Montreal Ville Equitable. 

The event was a great success:

  • We distributed 4 crates of delicious Equifruit bananas, ripened to perfection, to hundreds of grateful passers-by. Thank you to Jennie Coleman and Equifruit for their generous donation of these bananas
  • We explained the difference that buying fair trade bananas makes to the farmers and their communities
  • We told people where they can buy Equifruit bananas and other fair trade products (IGA, Rachelle-Béry, Jean Talon Market...)
  • We gathered 164 signatures for the petition calling for M. Coderre to drink fair trade coffee at City Hall
  • We took lots of silly pictures of people wearing the 'Equi-banane' suit!...
  • We spoke to hundreds of people about fair trade, about the Montreal Ville Equitable campaign, about the environment, in short, about saving the world! 

For more information about the Montreal Ville Equitable campaign and how you can support it visit