Young People in Rawdon: An Inspiration in Supporting our Diocesan Project Food Baskets for Mozambique!

When my cousins Amanda, Cassandra and I learned that October 19, 2014 was to be P.W.R.D.F. Sunday at Christ Church, Rawdon and throughout the Diocese, we knew we would be somehow involved…and we were. A week or so before, we met with Father Robson to plan for that day. Father Michael of course would plan the mass and we would decide what was to happen afterwards at the Church Hall.

  Thankfully, he had picked up the P.W.R.D.F. placemats and that gave us some ideas. A simple meal was planned. This meal had three choices of soup, bread and butter and instead of a cake – why not cupcakes! We had a fun time icing them!

  We decorated a three-sided poster board with various articles from P.W.R.D.F. journals and maps. The poster was made to show the wonderful work that the P.W.R.D.F. does.

  Our job was to print out the P.W.R.D.F. graces for each person, set the tables and then serve the soup.

  Around 35 parishioners were present for the lunch. A video was also presented during the lunch; Fred says “Have you eaten today?” There was a discussion and explanations and also a cheer. The cheer went like this “Gimme a P, gimme a W, gimme an R, gimme a D, gimme an F, what does that spell? P.W.R.D.F. by the end of the lunch, there had been enough donations to get 4 baskets.