Things Cooking at Church of the Epiphany

On January 31, 2010 the Parish of Verdun-Ville Emard, comprised of All Saints, St Aidan’s and St Clements, became the Church of the Epiphany. The Reverend Patrick Wheeler, along with the Corporation, formed two committees to prepare for the renovation of the 110 year old building, one being the Finance Committee and the other the Building Committee. The plans for the renovations were exciting and challenging, starting with the improvement of the lighting in in the nave and sanctuary which was unveiled Christmas Eve in 2010. The next two projects were the replacement of the roof and the installation of the lift for those who are physically handicapped, the latter being ready just prior to last Christmas.

The next big project was the renovation of the kitchen which had not seen any changes since the 1950s. One of the major problems was the fact that the kitchen and the hall were on two levels which meant those serving the meals had to cope with three stairs to serve. It was decided to move the kitchen to the front of the hall in a space which had become primarily a storage area with enough space to house plenty of cupboards, cooking facilities, refrigerators and storage. As the work began, a couple of unforeseen obstacles cropped up which delayed the projected completion of the new kitchen in July of this year. While the delay was disappointing, we believed the wait would be fruitful and it was.

On Saturday, September 27 a team of parishioners gathered to start the process of moving dishes, pots and pans, crock pots from the old kitchen to the new kitchen. They worked tirelessly from 9 am until approximately 3 pm, filling the new cupboards, assembling cabinets, washing out drawers, etc. On Sunday, October 28, following the 10 am, Eucharistic Service, Father Patrick read a blessing over the new kitchen, and Ben Waring cut the ribbon to officially open our new state-of-the-art kitchen.

We are looking forward to serving the needs of the current parishioners, but more importantly as a tremendous tool for mission in serving the community.