Back-to-Church Sunday works!

Who would have thought it?  Back to Church Sunday at St George’s Ste Anne de Bellevue was a bustling and joyous morning with more than 135 people filling our pews. Everyone brought a friend or relative to share in worship and friendship.
Lots of prayer: lots of practice. For weeks we prayed the question: God, who is the person you have prepared for me to bring to Church? Then we all practiced asking the question: Would you like to come to Church with me?  We printed new welcome cards. We advertised and invited through our Facebook page and connections.
How can we best communicate Christian faith with those who have little Christian church background in one hour on a Sunday morning?
We knew how important it would be for the liturgy to reflect our character and be barrier-free. So it was lively, well known hymns, two readings and an improv presentation taking a humorous look at barriers to joining a community. Of course, this was followed by a short talk.
After the service we held a lunch and most people stayed. Lunch was as important as the service. Many connections were made, new friendships formed, and our guests experienced the warmth and energy of the people of St George’s.
Yes, St George’s was a beehive of activity on September 25th. The choir rehearsed; the altar guild tidied; Sunday School got ready; decorators rushed around putting up balloons and decorations; the sides people arrived early; and a team was downstairs setting up for lunch. Everyone was on deck, ready to welcome guests as they arrived. And arrive they did!
B2CS works! You can double your congregation and you can bring new people into the fellowship of the church. It takes a lot of hard work, energy and the enthusiasm of everyone. But God is in this and as we always say: Glory to God, whose power working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. Believe it!