The anglican diocese of montreal

Companion Dioceses

“Companions walk together, side by side. They share their experiences and their visions. They support each other in their mission and rejoice in all that God has created. By the end of their five-year journey, they are enriched and transformed by the mutual appreciation of their gifts. Now each has more to give, and may continue to receive from new companions in an ongoing journey of faith.”

Partnership in mission is at the heart of all relationships, both within the Anglican Communion and
throughout the wider church. The Companion Diocese program offers dioceses of the Anglican
Church of Canada the opportunity to enter into closer relationship with another diocese elsewhere
in the Anglican Communion for a defined and limited period.

Companion Diocese relationships exist to strengthen each participant in ministry and mission. The
goal of such relationships is to increase each partner's awareness of the single mission to which
they are called. That mission includes:

  • mutual encouragement and prayer for one another
  • intensified knowledge of and concern for one another
  • the exchange of resources, both spiritual and material

Discipline and guidelines are necessary so that these programs enhance partnership locally and
globally, and respect priorities established in each province.

The Anglican Diocese of Montreal currently has two companion dioceses, one within the Anglican Church of Canada — the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior — and one from the greater Anglican Communion — the Diocese of Masasi in the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

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