The anglican diocese of montreal

Christmas Greetings – December 2009

December-06-09   //   by: Bishop Barry B. Clarke

This Christmas, my thoughts and prayers are directed toward the Holy Land and especially to the Palestinian Christians. I was both privileged and challenged to visit the Middle East region earlier this year and became deeply aware of the painful realities of the experience of conflict, turmoil and war. I share with you one voice – Jean Zaru, in a small booklet entitled “A Christian Palestinian Life: Faith and Struggle”(published by Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center). May her story challenge our Christmas story and invite us into prayer and solidarity with those who suffer. Ms Zaru is a Christian, a Palestinian, a woman, an Arab, and a Quaker.

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From the Bishop’s desk – November 2009

November-08-09   //   by: Bishop Barry B. Clarke

Recently, a pastoral letter was sent out to all parishes and faith communities; its intent was to promote healthy attitudes and responsive action to the threat of H1N1 flu pandemic. Concerns around washing of hands and of communion vessels as well as eliminating the practice of intincting (dipping) the consecrated host in the chalice were some of the suggestions included. All this is really about proper care, dignity and respect towards each other as members of our parishes and faith communities. I commend to you the excellent resources compiled by the Executive Archdeacon which can be found on our diocesan website at

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What is Vision 2019?

June-07-09   //   by: Bishop Barry B. Clarke

I realise that, for the last couple of months, I have referred to Vision 2019 and there might some of you who have no idea of what I’m talking about. So I thought I would try and explain what Vision 2019 is, especially given the fact that June 7th has been proclaimed by the Primate to be Vision 2019 Sunday. Vision 2019 is a church-wide exercise for Canadian Anglicans to discern, dream, and decide where they think God wants the church to be in 2019. The results will be shared at the next gathering of General Synod, in June 2010.

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Engaging in God’s Mission – Vision 2019

May-03-09   //   by: Bishop Barry B. Clarke

I want to keep before our Church that our vocation is to be a people engaged in God’s mission. “However, the challenge facing us is not just to do mission but to be a people of mission. That is, we are learning to allow every dimension of church life to be shaped and directed by our identity as a sign, foretaste and instrument of God’s reign in Christ. Our understanding of mission needs to make that clear.” (from Report of the Standing Commission for Mission of the Anglican Communion)

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From the Bishop’s desk – April 2009

April-05-09   //   by: Bishop Barry B. Clarke

Easter, the Good News of Christ’s rising is pivotal to our faith. It is the heartbeat which celebrates God’s love bursting forth from the abyss of the earth with love and holding before us the unity of Christ’s mission into the world. A mission that proclaims the longing of God to restore that which in God’s creation broken by Sin, destroyed by evil, violated by abuse, greed and violence, finds her redemption; “for in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, by making peace through the blood of his cross”. Colossians 1:19-20

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From the Bishop’s desk – January 2009

January-04-09   //   by: Bishop Barry B. Clarke

I greet you in the first issue of the Anglican Montreal for the year 2009 with the blessing of peace; a peace that transcends the conflicts of all human relationships both personal and global; a peace with justice and reconciliation as the litanies of prayer request these petitions.

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