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Montreal Anglican September

August-27-14 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Montreal Anglican June

August-15-14 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Montreal Anglican May

April-27-14 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Montreal Anglican April

March-26-14 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Montreal Anglican March

February-28-14 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Will the Cathedral leave Cathedral Place? Find out in this month's issue...

Montreal Anglican February 2014

January-31-14 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Learn how outreach in our Metros has made an impact...

January 2014

December-31-13 // by: Nicki Hronjak

What is my passion? My passion is compassion< br/> Catholic archbishop to preach at interchurch service in Cathedral< br/> The best idea humanity has ever had< br/> Some funds from property sales to be earmarked for grants and loans for parish projects< br/> A pilgrimage to justice and peace

December 2013

November-29-13 // by: Nicki Hronjak

November 2013

November-20-13 // by: Nicki Hronjak

October 2013

October-03-13 // by: Nicki Hronjak

September 2013

August-29-13 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Bishop Barry Clarke, who left on a “Sabbath leave” in March, returned to his regular duties at the beginning of August

August 2013

August-01-13 // by: Nicki Hronjak

Six Receive Degree or Diploma at South Shore Convention

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