Dear friends,

I am delighted to write to you about the beneficiaries of this year’s Bishop’s Action Appeal. I hope that you will join me in preparing for our future, while continuing to support the time honored work of caring for those who are struggling.

Thanks to your generous response to last year’s appeal, we were able to plant a church in downtown Montreal. We are happy to tell you that we have welcomed a new, growing, Anglican community of over 100 disciples to our diocesan family. In the coming years, as we continue to be shaped by participating in God’s mission, we plan to create additional churches by providing education and training for leadership and by helping parishes provide modern and flexible environments for the church’s needs.

While we move toward a new vision of church we continue to “respond to human need by loving service” (the third Mark of Mission). A wonderful expression of this work is the ministry of St Michael’s Mission. They provide clothing and food to a multicultural clientele in Montreal's downtown core, assistance in crisis intervention, welfare, unemployment, immigration and refugee issues, and referral services on mental health and addiction problems.

Please pray for the work of the church and give as generously as you are able. Call our office at 514-843-6577, or click on the Donate button. Unless you specify otherwise, half of your donation will go to the Anglican Appeal, which supports ministry in Canada’s North and with our church partners overseas.

With my thanks, and every blessing,

+Mary Montréal

The Rt. Rev. Mary Irwin-Gibson 

To donate by phone call 514-843-6577. For online donations, click the button below.