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The Anglican Foundation of Canada was established in 1957 to encourage and support ministry within the Anglican Church of Canada.

Leading the way in resourceful ministry for 60 years, AFC has benefited dioceses, hundreds of parishes, and thousands of Canadian Anglicans with the provision of financial support for ministry from coast to coast to coast.


The Anglican Foundation of Canada seeks to provide abundant resources for innovative ministries, Anglican presence, and diverse infrastructure projects across the Canadian Church.

For 60 years, AFC has been a generous champion of faith communities in Canada by:

  • building strong faith communities
  • cultivating innovative expressions of faith
  • championing dynamic leadership for the next generation
  • supporting self-determination and education in Canada’s Northern communities
  • refreshing dated infrastructure
  • sustaining collaborative interfaith dialogue
  • fostering performing arts, liturgical art, music and dance
  • empowering the imagination and creativity of Canadian children and youth



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